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  1. How do I know what size to Order?

    Our website is fully equipped with a size chart.  However most people do not fall into one exact size, pick the one that fits the best. Most dresses may need some kind of alterations on it.

  2. What if the dress is the wrong size when I receive it?

    If the dress is the wrong size, you may send it back within the designated 72 hour period for a refund minus a 10% restocking fee or you may exchange it for another size in that style as long as we have it in stock.

  3. What is your return policy?

    At Beautifully Modest we are concerned that you are happy with your order. Our return policy allows you to return or exchange your dress within 72 hours of the time you receive it. If you are returning a beautifully modest dress please note that a 10% restocking fee per item will be subtracted from your refund.

  4. How do I order a dress?

    Dresses can be ordered one of two ways. First, all dresses seen on our website are available to be ordered through our website. Secondly, you may call us directly at 1-801-636-3483 to place an order with one of our sales representatives.

  5. How are the dresses shipped? Do you ship internationally?

    All of the shipping is done from our reatil store in Orem. Dresses are shipped within 3 days after an order is placed. International shipping is available, and international shipping prices apply.

  6. What Materials and Beadwork are available?

    Most of the wedding dresses are made out of variations of satin. Some dresses have an organza overlay. Bugle beads and seed beads are common beadwork among our dresses.

  7. Are all of your dresses modest?

    As modesty is very important to us, all of our dresses are made with that aspect in mind. Our dresses will provide modest coverage, while still appealing to the fashionable side.



    We hope you enjoy your Beautifully Modest Dress!

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